ABODA Festival Schedule, Friday, March 4, 2022

8:45am Call Time, Dressed in Concert Uniform, start loading. 

9:00am, Depart CDO to Catalina Foothills HS

9:20am, Arrive at Catalina Foothills HS. 

Bring everything, change of clothes, instrument, Music (In Suitcase).

9:25am, Enter the performance area to listen to Sabino HS Orchestra (9:30am performance)

After Sabino HS Orchestra’s performance, we will start moving to our warm up area. 

10am – Warm Up, there will be no music stands, this will just be warming up your instrument, tuning, make sure we have rock stops, etc. 

10:30am – Performance Time

11:am – Clinic

11:30am – listen to Catalina Foothills HS Sinfonia

12pm – Lunch, Jimmy Jones

12:45pm – Listening: Dobson HS Wind Symphony

1:15pm – Listening: Dobson HS Chamber Orchestra

1:45pm – Listening: Rincon/University HS Concert Band

After the Rincon/University Concert Band, we will be leaving. Bring all of your belongings, load the bus.

2:15pm – Depart Catalina Foothills HS

2:35pm – Arrive at CDO. 

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