Private teachers Listing, please contact a teacher of your instrument, and find out about location/fee/time with the teacher.

Violin Teachers

Jennifer Goff, 520-730-1171, Jenyjen2006@aol.com, Close to CDO

Janine Piek, (702) 205-6206, jppiek@hotmail.com

Wynne Rife, wynnerife@gmail.com, 520-322-5557, Midtown

Carlie Rigg, cmrigg05@gmail.com, 520-975-0124

Viola Teachers

Tiezheng Shen, 520-561-7806, stizi.viola@gmail.com

Melissa Hamilton, 520-247-6259, babadale@mac.com

Raiden Thaler, 850-321-7686, raidenthaler@gmail.com

Sarah Toy, 703-628-9643, stoy.viola@gmail.com

Cello Teachers

Anne Gratz, 520-305-6426, gratzae@hotmail.com

Robert Marshall, 770-316-5363, robert_marshall89@me.com

Bass Teachers

James Karrer, 520-318-9775, jpkarrer@earthlink.net

Jason Roederer, 520-730-2841, roederer@email.arizona.edu


Instrument Recommendation: Please ask me before buying an instrument. Instruments come in different sizes.

Violin and Viola players should have a shoulder rest.
Violin: Klaus Mueller Etude:
Size : 4/4, 3/4,1/2,1/4, String Type: Prelude, Case: Kyoto Shaped, Bow: Brazil Wood.
Shoulder Rest: http://www.swstrings.com/product/accessories/violin/GP-187C

Viola: Klaus Mueller Etude
Size: 15, 15.5, 16, 16.5 Please ask me about your size.
String Type: Prelude, Case: Kyoto, Bow: Brazil Wood,
Shoulder Rest: http://www.swstrings.com/product/accessories/violin/GP-187C

Cello: Hans Kroger Cello: http://www.swstrings.com/product/instruments/cello/GP-550
Size 4/4, Case: Nylon, Bow: Arco Noveau.

Bass: Klaus Mueller Prelude: http://www.swstrings.com/product/instruments/bass/GP-725
Size: ¾, Bow: Brazilwood, Style: French. $1459(May 2019)
Rock Stop: https://www.swstrings.com/product/accessories/cello/TRX10

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