Thursday, March 24,  9am – Sunday March 27, 7pm 2022

Warrior Legacy, Composed and Conducted by Soon Hee Newbold, performed at the Worldstrides Anaheim Music Festival, 3/25/22.

Chaperons for this trip are
Mr. Dionise, Mr. Merritt and Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Ratje and Mrs. Hammett

Please bring your folding stand if you have one. (For rehearsal on Friday at the Hotel only)

Rooming List
1: Emma, Lily, Miki
2: Charlie, Jordan H, Fiona
3: Liz, Rebecca, Kayley, Yasmine
4: Allie, Dagny, Keira
5: Jordan B, Amara, Maddie
6: Louisa, Aubrey, Alyssa, Tatum
7: Adam, Colin, Max, Jayden
8: Wyatt, Vaughan, Gavin, Charles
9: Bronson, Aiden, Johnathan, Chase
10: Mr. Merritt (Room 7), Mrs. Hall (Room 1,2)
11: Mr. Dionise (Room 8, 9)
12: Mrs. Ratje (Room 3,4), Mrs. Hammett (Room 5,6)
13: Mr. Tagawa

8:30am- come to school
8:40am – Line up your luggage in the Hallway close to the outside door. 
9am – bus will arrive, chaperons, please start loading suitcases while we rehearse. 
9am – 10am, Practice in the Orchestra Room, Vivaldi then Warrior Legacy.
10am, pack up music, instruments, folding music stands(18), 1 regular stand, rock stops, rosins, tuners. Basses and School Cellos can be in the bottom part of the bus, Cellos/Violas/Violins should be stored on the bus.
Mr. Tagawa’s seat is the first row behind the driver.  First Three rows are reserved for Chaperons and snacks. (Water, snacks will be stored there too)
Leave CDO 10:15am to Anaheim, Stop for lunch (Gila Bend), then go to Little Tokyo for dinner, will stay for 90 min. (Students will be given $20 per person for dinner), then to the Hotel.
10pm Doors Shut, Lights Out, quiet hour starts. 

7am Breakfast at the Hotel
8:30am – leave for Huntington Beach
Beach time from about 9am – 10:30am
10:40am – leave Huntington Beach
11:30am – Lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack.
Cheeseburger: Mr. Dionise, Aiden, Amara, Aubrey, Grace, Johnathan, Jordan H, Keira
Hamburger: Maddie, Charles
Chicken Ceaser Salad:Chase, Colin, Mrs. Hammett, Gavin, Jayden, Jordan B, Mr. Tagawa, Vaughan, Wyatt, Mr. Merritt, Mrs. Hall
Chicken Tenders: Adam, Allie, Alyssa, Bronson, Charlie, Dagny, Emma, Fiona, Kayley, Lily, Liz, Louisa, Max, Miki, Rebecca, Tatum, Yasmine
1pm – Change to Concert Clothes, bring change of clothes for after the performance.
1:30pm -3pm, Rehearsal with Ms. Soon Hee Newbold. Location: Breakfast Room, we will need folding stands.
3:30pm Depart Hotel to Rose Center Theater
Performance Location: Rose Center Theater,
14140 All American Way, Westminster, CA 92683
Leave your cases, change of your clothes on the bus. Take out instruments, bow, rock stop, and music (will be in the music suitcase). Those of you who owns a nice instrument may carry your instrument with your case, but once you open the case inside, chaperon will need to carry your case. Of course this will depends on the outside weather. 
4:40pm Warm Up
5:15pm Performance Guest Conductor, Soon Hee Newbold on Warrior Legacy. Clinic will be on stage (5-10 min. long)
Family members/relatives are welcome to watch the performance at the Rose Center Theater
6:00pm Leave Rose Center Theater to Pirates Dinner (We may change on the bus when we get to the Pirates Dinner parking area, taking turns, girls first, then boys)
7pm – Pirates Dinner, then back to Hotel. 
10pm – Doors Shut, Lights Out, quiet hour starts. 

3/26, Disneyland day.  You will received $30 of Food Card to spend for your day at the park, it can only be used for food, make sure you eat and drink enough water. 
7am – Breakfast at the Hotel
8am – depart Hotel to Disneyland,
6pm, meet at Worldstrides Award Ceremony, ceremony starts at 6:45pm. At the closing of the park, we will head back to the bus, go back to the hotel, and sleep, you must be quiet and masked entering the hotel and going to your room.  Meeting place picture is below (Scroll down)
We will stay until 12am, then leave the park (Unless all of you want to leave before, then we will after our ceremony)

3/27, 7am Breakfast at the Hotel,
Check out by 10am load bus
Leave Anaheim, 10:30am, come back to CDO around 7pm.  (Change as fo 3/21)

Students are expected to make up homework/school work for 3/24 and 3/25. Students are expected to follow the orchestra director’s directions, worldstrides rules, and school rules applied during the trip. Violation of rules may result in student(s) being dismissed during the trip and sent home via airplane at student’s family’s expense. 

Rules: When you have a free time at a location (ex. Little Tokyo, Huntington Beach, Disneyland), you are to be in a group of at least 3 people at all times. Come back to the bus time will be determined before you get off the bus. 
No swimming allowed in the ocean, you may feel the water.
No swimming at the hotel.
At the hotel and performance sites, masks are required, make sure you bring your own, if you don’t have one, ask one of the chaperons. 
After chaperons nightly check, you are not to go out of your room until the morning.


  • Any destruction of property will be reimbursed by the student/parent. Please clean up after yourself and others.
  • Follow all instructions from the Chaperones. Be polite, they are operating with school authority, and students that do not listen or comply will be sent home.
  • Follow all district rules and policies, just as you would during school hours. This is a school activity, and all the same consequences apply.  Remember you are representing yourself, CDO High school, our Orchestra, and our community
  • NO Tobacco Products, Alcohol products, or drugs. There is a zero tolerance policy with this rule. Do not wear clothing that references these products.
  • NO Weapons
  • NO horseplay or immature behavior. Remember who you are representing, and be aware of the safety of yourself and others.
  • NO public displays of affection
  • NO student will be allowed to enter a room that is not assigned to them on the rooming list. If you would like to socialize, you may do so during group time together before curfew and lights out.


  • Check your child’s luggage/clothing/backpack before dropping them off for the trip. Please make sure it is labeled with their name on it. The chaperones reserve the right to inspect a child’s belongings at any time.
  • ALL medications must be checked in with the Mr. Tagawa/chaperons


  • Students must check in with a chaperone upon arrival at school.
  • LIGHTS OUT – means you must go to bed. We will tape you in your room, and check it during the night.  You are not to open your door for anybody except the chaperones.  If there is an emergency, we will come and get you.
  • PHONE CALLS – are NOT permitted from your room as everyone in the room will pay the bill.
  • ON DEMAND MOVIES – If there is cable, DO NOT order movies of any kind. Again, you will pay for them and we will call your parents to explain.

Any questions, please email me at

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