Carnegie Hall Performance

Thank you so much for your support, and making the Carnegie Hall performance possible. Concert on March,20, 2017 was a big success, and orchestra sounded the best ever. Performing at Carnegie Hall was most memorable event of the whole New York trip. Traveling with 40 students, 4 chaperons and the director went pretty smoothly. Flights were on time, we were able to catch all the buses, concerts, musical and performance at Carnegie Hall. We came back to CDO in timely manner.  Thanks to CDO, Amphitheater SD, Town of Oro Valley and many who donated and supported us for this trip.  The community really came together to help us, and this trip made us aware how great of community we live in.  Special thanks to Dr. Adam Boyles, a graduate of CDO, 1997, currently, MIT Orchestra Director for inviting us in the first place, and working with us in the clinic.  We learned so much about the music and life through making this trip a reality.

Words from CDO HS Orchestra Students.

Jorja Overbey: Violin. The trip to New York City was an adventure to be treasured. The bustling people, the traffic, the noises, and the lights enabled the city to come to life. I loved walking in Times Square, and seeing all of the vendors and people in costumes. I loved going to Rockefeller Center and going to the Top of the Rock, where the city view made the world seems so vast. And most of all, I loved performing in Carnegie Hall. I could feel my heart leaping with joy as I walked out on stage with my orchestra family and played as I’ve never played before.

Tania Carvajal: Cello 🗽One word: AMAZING! Surely I’ll remember this experience for the rest of my life. I never even thought that I’d be playing at Carnegie hall, let alone at 16 years old. Carnegie Hall is so beautiful in pictures, but actually being there in person, it was like I was in a movie; so much more gorgeous and beautiful than I had ever anticipated. And to think, the CDO orchestra performed on a internationally famous stage where countless other musically gifted people have performed. It was a huge, huge, HUGE honor to play there. I never actually believed that I was in New York until I was standing in front of Lady Liberty. That’s where it really hit me and I thought, “Wow, we made it. We actually made it!”. I loved the thrill of sightseeing all the famous places you see in movies, read in books, and so much more! Just walking down the streets of the Big Apple was so special to me, and I’m sure it was special for everyone else too. I think the most beautiful part of this awesome trip was how acquaintances became close friends, and how close friends became best friends. My orchestra family will be a family that I will always love and never forget. Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible, a huge thank you to my loving parents, and finally, a thank you to Mr. Tagawa, for turning the CDO orchestra into something greater than it already was.


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Dr. Adam Boyles and Toru Tagawa

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