Welcome to 2019-2020 School Year

We are now on Google Classroom as of 3/25/20.

First week was a trial week, so all of you received full credit. From 3/30/20, assignment will be graded. (Minimum 4 check boxes, total 10 points, one task counts as 1 point, so lowest grade will be 6, and highest is 10)

You must be able to check 4 boxes on Orchestra E-learning sheet every week in order to receive full point. (Total, 10 points each week). .  Please turn in through Google Classroom by filling out the Google Form, if not, please turn in a picture of the OrchestraE-Learning4Form and send it to ttagawa@amphi.com. If picture is not possible, you can send what you have done in email.(For example, Played for Family (Parents, Siblings, Dogs, Cats, etc), Composed a song (Song title), Learned a piece by ear(Song Title), Practiced with Youtube lesson (Link), etc).

Assignment is due every Friday at 12pm.

Please sign up for google classroom. Go to classroom.google.com and click Go to Classroom. Join Class,

Symphonic Orchestra Code is 2cnkh6w

Concert Orchestra Code is c4knaha

Cross Intermediate Orchestra Class Code: t2e72jg

Cross Advanced Orchestra Class Code: g6zlwwa

Harelson Advanced Class Code: ps7gnx2

Harelson Beginning Class Code: n44dmcj

Example of Video Greeting Card:

Useful Site about Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass playing. Including Posture to Vibrato go to

Violin: https://sites.google.com/a/ncssm.edu/slairdclass/orchestra/violin-instruction

Viola: https://sites.google.com/a/ncssm.edu/slairdclass/orchestra/viola-instruction  Watch the Violin Instruction for Posture, Vibrato, how to change strings, etc.

Cello: https://sites.google.com/a/ncssm.edu/slairdclass/orchestra/cello-instruction

Bass: https://sites.google.com/a/ncssm.edu/slairdclass/orchestra/bass-instruction

Play Along with Brian Balmages Music. (Scroll down and find (The Abandoned Funhouse, Burst, Woodsplitter Fanfare, Rhythm Dance).


Alternative Style with Christian Howes,

How to Tune The Violin/Viola (Do not use the Pegs if you don’t need to)

How to Tune The Cello. (Do not use the Pegs if you don’t need to)

April 3 – 6 (Fri-Mon)  Orchestra Spring Trip, LA, Rose Center Theater, (4/4).  Cancelled. 

May 12 (Tue) Final Concert at 6:30pm, CDO Auditorium, Cancelled.

Full Orchestra: Dvorak Symphony No.8 IV: Dvorak8IVStrings, Dvorak8IVFlObClBs Dvorak8IVHnTrTbnTuTimp

Last Movement Starts 27min. 48 second.

May 15 (Fri) Honors Assembly at 6pm, CDO Auditorium, Cancelled. 


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